Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Graphic Design Contracted Agreement


This Agreement (the "Agreement") is made by and between the "Client" and the "SMN Media." In consideration of the mutual Agreement made herein, both parties agree as follows:


All deposits on Se My Name services are non refundable.THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY SERVICE. Once the client has booked and paid the deposit towards the service the client acknowledges that they have read and agreed to the terms on the SMN Media website (www.semyname.com). All deposits can be made on PayPal through the invoice, Zelle or in Cash. 


Website Terms And Conditions

Websites are completed between 15-45 days, unless otherwise stated, from the day all information, pictures and social media platforms are submitted to SMN Media. All payments on Se My Name services are non refundable. Client is able to make 2 revisions to the website. Revisions must be noted and made within 2 days of the product being shown. Revision appointments are set a day in advance and all revisions are made live if the customer isn't initially satisfied. After the live revision session (lasting no more than 1 hour), clients are allowed one more revision either via telecommunications or ZOOM. All revisions after that include the revision fee of $75 per hour per live revision session. In order for the client to set up a WIX store they must purchase a domain name and purchase a subscription from WIX, these fees differ from the fees made to SMN Media. The price of these two items are no more than $75 additionally to the price of your service. THESE FEES ARE DIRECT TO WIX FEES, NOT INCLUDED IN SMN SERVICES. Rush fees for websites are $500 and must be stated upon booking. 


  • Transparent Logo PNG (All SMN Media Logos are prequalified)

  • Complete Website Construction Inquiry Form (Name, Business Name, Contact Information, Business Description, Social Media Names, Pages of Construction, Services/Products, Other Website Examples etc.)

  • Wix account login information (email and password) / Domain setup and login information

  • A Wix Plan (this can be monthly or annually)

  • All wording TYPED out and emailed in a clear and concise document. Do NOT send anything handwritten

  •  Wording must include product names, pricing and descriptions. You must also provide page tab setup, shipping prices, policies, FAQs and About information.

  • Photos for slideshows, banners and products. These MUST be high quality, professional photos. Screenshots or pixelated photos will NOT be accepted.  (All SMN Media photos and videos are prequalified)


Photography/ Videography:

Cancellations made less than 48 hours on all photography and videography sessions forfeit deposit. SMN Media requires a rescheduling fee on all photography and videography sessions that are up to $75 in total. 48 hours advance notice of rescheduling waves you of the rescheduling fee. If the client would like for SMN Media to travel there is a traveling fee of no less than $100 for any city outside of the Dallas, TX area. If the client would like for SMN Media to travel outside of Texas additional fees will be calculated as needed. Turnaround time on photography is 1-3 business days from the day of your shoot and 3-10 days from the day you send in the photos you would like edited. Turn around photography is up to 14 days. Additional edits can be purchased and are $15 per edit.


Social Media:

Work is not started until payments are made and content is sent. If the client has a delay in content, unless otherwise negotiated, the service will not begin. All social media services are on a month to month contract and can only be terminated at the end of the month term. Clients must provide all original photos. SMN Media is not responsible for stolen content. SMN Media only posts content that was given to us by the client. By paying the deposit, the client agrees they are sending in original photography and videography. Clients are guaranteed that all custom graphics are original non copyrighted works created specifically for the customer. ALL MEDIA POSTED AND CREATED IS MADE FROM WHAT THE CLIENT SENDS TO SMN MEDIA.


Other Terms and Conditions:

Service: Sé My Name Media DBA agrees to produce project materials (the "service") at the Client's request for fees agreed upon in advance and delivery of the service by an agreed-upon deadline. The deadline is contingent upon the Client providing the designer with all information, items, images, and materials needed to do so within the allotted time frame. Sé My Name Media agrees that they will be the sole author of the Service, which will be original Work and free of plagiarism. Sé My Name Media DBA will cooperate with Client in editing and otherwise reviewing the Service before completion and launch. The Client is allowed up to three revisions of a Logo and or design. After the third revision, each additional revision is $20 per change on flyers and no less than $50 on website designs. After the Client has selected one of the proposed designs, they will be responsible for completing other research to develop further the chosen idea and completion of the remainder of the Client's project. The Client will be given the right to final say on all colors, fonts, text, and images used in the final design. Information provided for designs that require us to type physically will result in an additional $15 fee that must be paid before the design is released. If a flyer has to be redesigned due to a lack of prior information, it will result in an additional $25 fee. Once the Client posts their flyer on any social media platform, distributes printed copies, or uploads the Service onto a webpage, it is not permitted to receive any additional changes unless an editing fee of $25 is paid. Sé My Name Media DBA is responsible for all photographers and their Service. The Client must be prepared for their photoshoot at the time of service. Sé My Name Media DBA photographers are only available to the Client for their booking; if the Client arrives late, the photographer/videographer will still only be available for the time previously booked. If the Client's photography/videography session exceeds the time scheduled, the Client is responsible for paying an additional $50 per hour rate for photography and $75 for videography. This fee will be sent in an invoice via PayPal after services are rendered. 



Time Frame To Obtain Materials: The Client has a time frame of obtaining materials for the project or service requested. Any information should be sent through email at semynamemedia@gmail.com. Any details regarding an order sent through any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. will be null and void. If all material needed for the project or design is not provided Sé My Name Media DBA 14 days following the initial date of the signed Agreement or, in expedited orders, at least 72 hours before the date needed, the contract is subject to one of the following:


1. Termination with no obligation of refund or services rendered.


2. Standard turnaround time restarts from the time all material is confirmed to be received by the designer.


3. Special instructions or permissions that must be approved and documented by the designer to be valid.


Confidentiality: During this Agreement, it may be necessary for Client to share proprietary information, including trade secrets, industry knowledge, and other confidential information, to Sé My Name Media DBA for Sé My Name Media DBA to complete services and Deliverables in their final form. Sé My Name Media DBA will not share any of this proprietary information at any time. Sé My Name Media DBA has the right to use the design for Sé My Name Media portfolio, marketing material, and social media. This section remains full force and effect even after termination of the Agreement by its natural termination or the early termination by either party.


Compensation: The Client agrees to pay Sé My Name Media DBA all deposits or fees of the total project cost before any services are provided. If the Work changes parameters, or if it involves more time than estimated, Sé My Name Media DBA will inform the Client, and they can renegotiate the Work's cost. Sé My Name Media DBA is responsible for the payment of all federal, state, and local taxes for the services they perform for the Client as an independent contractor. The Client will not treat Sé My Name Media as an employee for any purpose.


Client Approval: Upon acceptance of the Work, Client accepts responsibility for any further processes in which this Work is used (e.g., film outpost, printing, etc.)Sé My Name Media DBA is not responsible for errors occurring in this Work or projects related to this Work after acceptance of the Work by the Client.


Cancellation: Both parties understand that Client or Sé My Name Media DBA may terminate the service if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. Upon written or verbal cancellation, Client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any work done towards completing the project based on the percentage of the completed project determined bySé My Name Media DBA. Should Client cancel the project following its completion, Client is responsible for full payment as per the agreed-upon estimate plus all expenses incurred. In the event of cancellation, Sé My Name Media DBA retains ownership of all copyrights and original Work created.


Refund: There are NO refunds on any design work that has been started on or issued out.

ANY CHARGEBACK/REFUND CASES OPENED PER CLIENT ACTION IS SUBJECT TO LOSING ALL RIGHTS TO DESIGNS OR PAYING A MINIMUM OF HALF OF THE ORIGINAL COST OF THE WORK ORIGINALLY ORDERED. All items needed for all projects must be provided no later than 14 days from the date of the original order form. If the Client decides they no longer want the package they have purchased at any point in time, they are welcome to decline further services, but no refund will be issued. The contract will be void once the Client has agreed not to continue services, verbally, or in writing.



Acceptance of Terms: The Client promises to pay for the services rendered by Sé My Name Media for the Work. By signing below, Client agrees they have read, understood, and are considered legally bonded to these terms.



Designer Signature

Kirsten “Sévon” Bradford

Client Signature – Paying Invoice Deposit