Frequently Asked Questions

I want a website, what do you need to get started?

Please provide Sé My Name Media with the following information: -Domain name (the “www.” name you have purchased or intend to purchase) -Description of your business -Pictures and videos you would like to feature on your website (if you don’t have any yet, click here to check out the pricing of our photography and videography services.) -Products or services you offer -A similar website to reference -All text information to place on pages typed, if information is not typed there will be an additional fee. Are you ready? Let’s set a day and time for a consultation! I’d love to hear more about your business. Click here if you are ready to start building your website. *Website creation does not begin until all information is submitted.*

What is your turnaround time?

Great things take time. Each service has a different turn around time to best serve all customers and ensure you all the quality you deserve. Though all services vary and are specified through each individual contract, on average, this is the turnaround time for services I provide as long as the customer has provided all materials needed to begin the service. Flyers Subscriptions 3-10 business days Graphic Designs 3-7 days business days Logo 5-7 days business days RAW Photos 1-3 business days Edited Photos 7-10 business days after photos are selected Website First Draft 6-8 business days Website Final 7-10 business days after you have submitted all revisions Strategic Marketing Plan- 7-10 business days

I got my photos, how do I let you know which ones I want edited?

Please email us at semynamemedia@gmail.com the photo number which can be located where pictured in the google drive or one drive folder created just for you.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is set up as a commitment fee for both you, the client and Sé My Name Media, the persons delivering a service. We want to service you but before we can we must ensure that we are compensated for our time, efforts and creativity. Everyone who works for Sé My Name Media is a full time artist. We live off of the services we provide. Deposits ensure that we are committed to the delivery of a service and the client is committed to seeing the service through.

When can I expect to have my consultation?

All services require a consultation. Once you pay the non-refundable deposit of your service, that is when you can expect to schedule a consultation and work on your project will begin.

Are deposits refundable?

No, deposits are in place to ensure both parties are committed to the completion of the project.

Are there any refunds on any of your services?

There are no refunds on services after the service has been rendered.

Do you offer any discounts?

Family and friends discount is 15% off of any service and has the option of being paid out in bi-weekly increments. If a product or service needs to be rushed, the rush fee is waived and the 15% discount is no longer valid. Subscribe and save up to 30% on subscription services. Sign up for our newsletter to receive discounts year round.

Can you give more details on what all is needed for a website?

Sure! When you are looking to book a website, please keep in mind these things: -Have around 2-3 websites for me to reference for how you would like your website to look, that way I am able to create a website that pleases you pretty quickly without too many revisions. Having references also helps you to be able to see text and wording that belongs on each page. -Any photos or videos you would like included on your site, if you don't have any photos that is no problem I can use "stock" photos that mimic your brand please let me know upfront the route you'd like to take. -The titles of each page and the content that needs to be on each page I.E.- To learn about my company, one would go to my “ABOUT” tab, on that page I have a written biography about my business, myself and my employees. However maybe you want your website to be more personable so you may name yours "Get to Know Me". Whatever the case, let me know so that I can appropriately name your pages as you desire. -Common page tabs are labeled Home About Services Shop Contact Policies FAQ Please keep in mind on all of these pages, there are words, pictures and banners. Be sure to have an idea of what you would like conveyed on all of these pages. Remeber, this is your website so all of the text on your website comes from you the owner. Please be thinking of all the text you want on each page. -Please include contact information you would like included on your site -Products -Product descriptions -Photos and any sizing -Special requirements -Please type out any and all text. I totally understand that sometimes you'd like to send me a flyer of things that have information you want on your site because it seems so simple. However, typing takes time and with such speedy turn around days and times, we must be as efficient as possible. If anything needs to be typed, no worries we will send over the typing fee invoice if that makes you most comfortable. -Logos -Color schemes